NComputing has highly specialised thin client solutions that cut the cost and complexity normally associated with providing end point devices to users in an enterprise desktop virtualisation environment.
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Real World Success

Learn how NComputing customers are overcoming major challenges faced in multiple industries. Whether you're concerned with compliance or regulatory requirements, growing user populations, harsh working environments or budget constraints, NComputing has you covered.


Having control of information is critical in the health care industry. Many provisions such as the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) exist to enforce the security and privacy of all data related to patient health care.


Government agencies are faced with constant regulatory change, growing populations, and declining budgets, all of which combine to create the need for more complex IT infrastructures with less money.


Harsh working conditions typical to Manufacturing environments namely use PCs to provide access to shop floor tracking applications. However, the combination of high numbers of different users using the same PCs combined with dusty working environment puts real strain on the fans, chips of traditional PCs.