VMware solution —— Through the zero client C71, with the PCoIP host card, achieve unified management of high-end graphics workstation designed to render 3D graphics solutions, the calculation and storage devices are moved to a safe place, only transfer the pixels, not to transmit data, to ensure that the enterprise data security and guarantee the user experience.



Operation System:  Nil

CPU: Tera2321

Memory: 512MB RAM DDR3

Storage: Flash 32MB

Display Resolution:

  • 1 monitor:2560x1600
  • 2 monitor:1920x1200

Power Adapter: 12V/3A


  • None USB Device plug-in:6.5W
  • Four USB Devices plug-in:19.0W

Virtual Component-Vmware(CT Vision): VMware View

Display Port: DVI-I x 1DVI-D x 1

USB port: x4 (x2 in front, x2 in rear)

PS/2: Nil

Network Port: x110/100/1000Mbps RJ45

Dimension: 167 x 31.5 x 131 mm