Digital Signage

Connect and Control multiple TV screens from a Single PC over your existing LAN

Easy to use and Powerful.
Allows you to run any type of application on your TV screens

Group screens together to easily create eye catching Video Walls in no time

Use our Content Management System to design amazing layouts for your signage

How Does It Work?


Monitors AnyWhere uses a HDMI over LAN technology to create a totally new concept in digital signage. All you require is a single computer and a simple HDMI over LAN zero client for each monitor to establish full control over all displays and presented content.

PCmerge can provide information on zero clients that are compatible with the HDMI over LAN technology.


Run different videos on each screen

Open different websites on each screen

Configure each screen to present a different PowerPoint presentation with our Native PowerPoint Launcher

Plan and Schedule a Playlist for each screen

Screens Grouping and Content Mirroring

Online Monitors AnyWhere - web-based Content Management System

Potentially run any type of application on the TV screens

Create an eye catching Video Walls with eas

Preview snapshots of all screens connected to a multi monitor PC

NEW The first Network Video Wall in the market

Our solution is the first to present a Network Video Wall which runs over a standard Windows-based PC, and enables you to create and control multiple Video Walls over the LAN.

This NEW and exciting capability allows any type of content such as: simple videos  HTML5 web-based content, any Windows-based app and external content sources.

Video walls are becoming more and more popular in a large variety of verticals mainly as a result of new and innovative solutions that enable more capabilities in lower prices and higher accessibility.

Yet, the majority of organizations are still using controllers or Video Walls servers for their installations. Usually the results are disappointing: prices are still very high, centrally managing the units remains difficult and expansion of systems by end customers is impossible.

Online Monitors AnyWhere – Content Management System

Online Monitors AnyWhere is a hosted Digital Signage Service that supports hundreds of screens around the world in educational institutions, small and medium businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and large corporations.

You can easily design your content from anywhere within an Internet connection, plan a playlist and set it to run on any number of TV screens.

Get started

The information on your TV screen is displayed as a sequence of pages. Pages are created in a few easy steps:

With the advanced designer you can add text with more than 30 fonts to choose from, create your own image gallery, creating semi-transparent overlays to make your text stand out on top of images

Create a playback sequence by placing the pages in a playlist.

Assign the playlist to a TV screen.


A simple and cost-effective solution that will change the way you use digital signage

  • Forget about having to install a PC for each display screen
  • Dump the cumbersome infrastructure
  • Completely do away with expensive video extension equipment for each display by utilising VGA over LAN technology

One computer, VGA over LAN zero clients, and the Wired or Wireless Local Area Network is all you need for Monitors AnyWhere.

Using Monitors AnyWhere - from a single Workstation - you:

  • Control and Monitor as many as 20 different content channels
  • Configure content to broadcast to each individual monitor
  • Work on a user-friendly application to plan and define all digital signage in your establishment
  • Gain the Lowest TCO in the industry for your digital signage infrastructure
  • Green Solution – major savings in electricity


  • Enterprises open space signs
  • Education
  • Industrial lines
  • Libraries
  • Airports
  • Chain stores
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Restaurants 

How to configure CENTERM C75


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