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iTALC is an open sourced shared environment management tool that enables a number of remote management capabilities.


iTALC is a classroom management tool that offers a lot of possibilities for teachers, such as:

  • See what is going on in computer-labs by using overview mode and make snapshots
  • Remote-control computers to support and help other people
  • Show a demo (either in fullscreen or in a window) - the teacher's screen is shown on all student's computers in realtime
  • Lock workstations for moving undivided attention to teacher
  • Send text-messages to students
  • Powering on/off and rebooting computers per remote
  • Remote logon and logoff and remote execution of arbitrary commands/scripts
  • Home-schooling - iTALC's network-technology is not restricted to a subnet and therefore students at home can join lessons via VPN-connections just by installing iTALC client

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NetSupport School

NetSupport School is a class leading training software solution, providing Teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with their Students either individually, as a pre-defined group or to the overall class. Combining advanced classroom PC monitoring, real-time Presentation and Annotation tools, with Internet and Application control, and automated Lesson Plans, NetSupport School rises to the challenge and requirements of today's modern classroom.

Attached you'll find a PDF guide for installing NetSupport School 10.5 and 11 in an NComputing environment for use with the X-series and L-series access devices.

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