LED Scoreboards

Battery operated (rechargeable)

Can be used indoors or outdoors


Electronic Portable Scoreboard    Dimensions : 60cm x 30cm x 8cm   Weight : Approx. 2.8Kg (unpacked)

Electronic Portable Scoreboard

Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm x 8cm

Weight: Approx. 2.8Kg (unpacked)

Match time: You can set the game time; countdown time can be set anywhere up to 99 minutes 59 seconds (Typically 15 minutes or 20 minutes)

Scores: From 0 to 199.

Period: From 0 to 9.

Serve: Indicates a function for a specific team such as last goal, last foul or home team or other.

Exchange side: When teams exchange sides, score, serve can be exchanged at the same time.

Sound: Audible sound at end of game time, and then start game time is automatically reset after about three seconds.



Adopt single-chip to control, software to set up time, with high degree of accuracy.

Easy to operate, in line with typical operating habits.

High brightness LED as display unit, can be viewed easily.



At “Power-On” the display shows the previous data settings

Sequence of Operations: Reset → Set-Time → Clear Score


1. Ensure power cable is properly connected before starting.

(In case of rechargeable battery model, ensure battery is fully charged to operate for maximum time).

2. Time Setting: Press key "Set-Time", the corresponding digit flashes, enter the appropriate number then it will move to the next digit until you have all done, otherwise press key “Cancel” and then set time again.

3. Start/Stop: When the game starts, press key "Start" and the clock starts counting down, press key "Stop" to pause the game. Press key “Start” to release pause and resume the timer. A hooter will sound at the end of the pre-set time.

4. Scoring Operation: Scores printed on the control panel key “A+1” (or A+2, or A+3) buttons for “A” or home team, and key “B+1” (or B+2, or B+3) buttons for “B” or guest team, press the corresponding key to the processing of adding points, if an error input occurs, press key "A-1" or key "B-1" to amend the scores.

5. Clear Score: If you need to clear score, press red key “Clear Score”.

6. Serve: No serve displays when you start up, Press key “Ch-Poss”, the switch sides.

7. Exchange Sides: During the match, the two teams may exchange sides. Pressing key “Ch-courts”, the scores and serve of the two teams can be exchanged. The other functions remain unchanged.

8. Reset: Clicking the button “Reset”, the timer is reset to previously set time, the score cleared, the period is cleared, and the serve arrow is not displayed.

9. Period: When you start the game, press key “P+1” to choose period 1. Then continue to press either key “P+1” or key “P-1” for appropriate sessions.

Watch this Video Demonstration showing the various features and ease of use:



Connect the power cable correctly and do not insert any foreign objects into the socket. Turn off the power when not in use.

Protect the face of LED scoreboard against damage.

Clean with soft cloth.

For outdoor use, ensure scoreboard not exposed to wet weather and for best results, provide some shade from direct sunlight.



PCM-S6030A-RF    LED Scoreboard with Radio Frequency remote       $699.00

PCM-S6030A-IR     LED Scoreboard with Infra-Red remote                     $729.00


Plus shipment (within Australia):                                                                    $24.50

(all including GST)


For on-line purchasing simply choose which controller you want: "RF" or "IR" with the  LED Scoreboard:

RF is used for single or isolated courts.

IR is used when there are multiple adjacent courts.

If any further information required please email:  sales@pcmerge.com.au

LED Scoreboard with Controller Option

Postage is within Australia only.